Mixing Cold Medicine and Alcohol: Dayquil, Sudafed & Others

Mixing Cold Medicine and Alcohol: Dayquil, Sudafed & Others

This medicine is quite similar to the MAOI drug, and its combination with Sudafed can cause high blood pressure and heart problems. It’s not a substitute alcoholism after gastric bypass surgery for professional medical advice, a diagnosis, or endorsement of treatment. By continuing, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.

Is Sudafed a strong stimulant?

People use Sudafed as a substitute for methamphetamine or amphetamine because it is readily available. Its chemical structure is similar to that of amphetamine. However, the effects of Sudafed are slightly weaker than those of amphetamine.

Below, we discuss 10 medications that can cause harmful effects when mixed with alcohol. But keep in mind these aren’t the only medications that can be dangerous to take when drinking. If you’re taking medication, it’s important to speak with your healthcare provider about how much alcohol may be safe for you to consume. There are some medications that are less risky to mix with alcohol but still not recommended.

Older people face greater risk

Instead, it consists of Phenylephrine as its active ingredient. Sudafed PE treats nasal congestion due to cold, hay fever, and other respiratory allergies. You can get these prescribed medications from a pharmacist in case of a medical condition. Children’s Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant is available in liquid and tablet form.

sudafed and alcohol

Do not use for more than 7 days without first consulting your doctor. Children may be more sensitive to the effects of this medication, especially restlessness. If you’re ready to improve your life, we’re here to help. People should tell a doctor before taking pseudoephedrine if they are pregnant, nursing, or about to have surgery. Some older research investigated the combination of stimulants and depressants in rats, using cocaine as the stimulant and diazepam as the depressant.

Your pharmacist or doctor will discuss the potential benefits and risks of taking the medicine if you are breastfeeding. Pseudoephedrine may decrease the effectiveness of blood pressure medications . Nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, dizziness, headache, or nervousness may occur. If any of these effects last or get worse, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Stop taking this medication and tell your doctor promptly if you have dizziness, nervousness, or trouble sleeping. There are many brands and forms of pseudoephedrine available.

Mixing Pseudoephedrine and Alcohol: The Dangers

However, in rare cases, alcohol may increase certain side effects of Sudafed, such as dizziness. If you take decongestant medication for sinus infection, avoid taking Sudafed PSE and Sudafed PE together. Because in rare conditions, it might lead to an allergic reaction. If you are allergic how much does a drug and to Sudafed, you can also consider herbal remedies like apple cider vinegar, a natural decongestant. Your immune system acts like a shield against diseases and infections and fights against them. Sudafed boosts your immune system to fight against symptoms of cold and hay fever.

sudafed and alcohol

Please seek medical advice before starting, changing or terminating any medical treatment. The most common medications for erectile dysfunction include tadalafil , sildenafil , and vardenafil. The side effects of these medications vary, but they commonly include headaches, flushing, and vision changes. One serious side effect of ED medications is that they can drastically lower your blood pressure.

Xarelto Side Effects You Should Know About

By abuse, we mean they take more of the drug than the dosage recommended. As a stimulant, it tends to cause people to feel more excited or energetic, so some people take more of it to get a more intense feeling. However, taking more than the recommended dosage can be quite dangerous. One 2015 scientific review included 18 randomized controlled trials into the efficacy of antihistamines for treating the common cold. Researchers concluded that these medications have a limited, short-term beneficial effect on the severity of the overall symptoms of a cold.

Common examples include pain medications, anxiety medications, and sleep medications. Those who already experience symptoms relating to elevated heart rate and blood pressure put themselves at risk of a heart attack. You should always speak with a physician to determine which medications you are okay to take. Not everyone is the same, and it is crucial to have a professional opinion guiding you. Combining these medications with alcohol, under any circumstances, is dangerous, says Dr. Soliman. This pamphlet lists medications that can cause harm when taken with alcohol and describes the effects that can result.

That is why it is best to gather drug information from a doctor before taking any medication. Sudafed is provided by health care providers who advise adults to consume two tablets every four hours. A pseudoephedrine and alcohol interaction can also result in a more intensified effect from pseudoephedrine.

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Use caution when giving cough and cold products to kids. Alcohol can also contribute to nasal congestion, which may weaken the effect of Sudafed for treating congestion. If Sudafed does interact with another medication, it may change how either drug works and can cause serious side effects. However, researchers added that there was no clinically significant effect on nasal obstruction. More research may be required to determine whether antihistamines are effective for nasal congestion. However, researchers did add that drowsiness was more common in the control group who used Sudafed than in the placebo group who did not take any medication.

  • The range of the discounts will vary depending on the type of prescription and the pharmacy chosen.
  • Before taking an opioid, speak with your healthcare provider if you regularly drink alcohol.
  • There are no controlled studies that focus on pseudoephedrine and pregnant people.

The day supply is based upon the average dispensing patterns for the specific drug and strength. The Program, as well as the prices and the list of covered drugs, can be modified at any time without notice. alcohol addiction treatment center DISCOUNT ONLY – NOT INSURANCE. Discounts are available exclusively through participating pharmacies. The range of the discounts will vary depending on the type of prescription and the pharmacy chosen.

Mixing Alcohol With Medicines

Sudafed may also mask the feeling of intoxication from alcohol, which may cause a person to consume an unsafe amount of alcohol. Give your child relief from nasal congestion in a grape-flavored liquid. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any of these less serious side effects and they worry you. If you do experience any side effects, most of them are minor and temporary. Do not take more than the recommended dose unless your pharmacist or doctor tells you to. Taking MAO inhibitors with this medication may cause a serious drug interaction.

Why do I feel high after taking Sudafed?

The conversion of pseudoephedrine into methamphetamine is the most common way for people to get high using pseudoephedrine. Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that can be highly addictive and easily abused.

Although there isn’t an official Sudafed and alcohol interaction, medical professionals still advise against drinking alcohol while taking Sudafed. As a stimulant medication, pseudoephedrine can mask the tipsy feeling that alcohol produces. Masking this inebriation may lead to more intense alcohol consumption, resulting in a hangover, among other negative side effects. Drinking alcohol while taking warfarin can raise the risk of life-threatening bleeding. In general, it’s best to avoid consuming alcohol while taking this medication.

These are only a few of the drugs that are dangerous to use with alcohol. Depending on how much alcohol is consumed, almost every drug is dangerous with alcohol. In fact, adults who take more than 240 milligrams of Sudafed will encounter issues without alcohol. The amount of Sudafed that’s dangerous to take with alcohol also depends on the type of Sudafed. Some types of Sudafed can last for up to 24 hours, which makes them more dangerous to take with alcohol.

Can Sudafed cause high BP?

Decongestants may make your blood pressure and heart rate rise. Decongestants may prevent your blood pressure medication from working properly. Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) is a specific decongestant that can increase blood pressure.

Alcohol consumption has many short- and long-term effects on the body. Pain relievers, anxiety medications, and certain antibiotics can be dangerous to mix with alcohol. Drinking alcohol with anxiety medications or sleeping pills may lead to serious consequences.

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